OnPurpose Growth with Dan Henry

In this episode of the onPurpose Growth Podcast, we have Wall Street Journal Best seller Dan Henry. Dan is the founder of getclients.com and has been selling digital products since 2009.

We discuss how Dan has moved from an entrepreneur who ran an agency helping clients by actually doing the tactics and work for clients, then transitioning to selling a low ticket information product($997) to 10Xing the price to create a better business for himself and making a bigger impact with his clients, in their business.

Dan talks about how to properly structure your business so you can make more profit, work with dream clients and stop doing everything yourself. Check out Dan’s website: getclients.com/onpurpose

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Dan Henry went from selling water bottles on the side of the road, to an 8 Figure Earner by selling his advice online. Dan is also a Wall Street Journal, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author.

Dan has sold over $15 million of his own digital products and has been instrumental in helping to create several internet millionaires.

He has grown a massive following and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, and more.

Today, Dan is the founder of GetClients.com, and while he is proud of his success, he is even more proud of having helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

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