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2 min readFeb 17, 2021


On this episode of the onPurpose Growth Podcast one of the most highly skilled masters of the written word, Adil Amarsi.

Adil Amarsi is a copywriter who has generated over $700M in sales from his writing skills. That is only the number he has tracked and it’s assessed that the actual number is at or above $1B based on the consultations he does. For example, one person told him that they made $100k in 3 weeks from a 15 minute consultation Adil did.

We cover how Adil writes copy as well as how his own personal growth has allowed him to connect with his potential buyers in the deepest way possible. We have a lot of fun during this episode and hope you do too when you watch or listen.

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Adil Amarsi has been writing sales copy professionally since he turned 18 in late 2007. During that time he has broken countless records and developed an infamous reputation for the effectiveness of his copy.

Having started writing copy from age 12, Adil has been able to see how industries and markets have evolved and since then, he’s gone on to use his talents to help his clients generate over $700 Million in sales from his work (and that’s what he can track).

Adil’s passion for breaking down strategies and copy — and verbalizing it at lightning speed — has earned him a huge amount of respect from legendary copywriters such as Jay Abraham, Jon Benson, Roy Furr, Bob Stirling, Mark Joyner, Trevor “ToeCracker” Crook, and many more.

Get in touch with our guest: Website: https://www.adilamarsi.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adiltheawesome https://www.facebook.com/adilamarsi Instagram: https://Instagram.com/adilamarsi YouTube: https://youtube.com/adilamarsiofficial LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adilamarsi/

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