Illinois Child Support | College Contribution Updates for 2021

This video gives an in-depth explanation of college contribution, what it means, what expenses can be ordered to be paid, and how much a parent can be ordered to pay for college contribution. College contribution is a form of child support to be paid for a child who is no longer a minor child. Read the full article here:

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In this video we explain how Illinois courts handle the issue of college contribution including answering the following questions: can an Illinois Court order me to pay for college expenses for my child?, how will the Illinois Court decide whether or not to order college contribution?, how do I determine how much to pay in college expenses for my child in Illinois?, do I have to pay for previously incurred college expenses from before I started paying for college contribution in Illinois?, what expenses are included in college contribution in Illinois?, what types of schools are included for college contribution in Illinois?, what is the maximum amount I can be ordered to pay towards my child’s college payments in Illinois?, can an Illinois court modify the amount of college contribution?, is there anything that can terminate my obligation to pay for college in Illinois?, what are examples that will not terminate my obligation to pay for college in Illinois?, am I required to do anything in addition to paying college expenses for my child in Illinois?, if I’m paying for college based on an Illinois court order, do I get to see all of my child’s college records?, what happens if my child prevents me from seeing their grades in an Illinois child support case?, how does a 529 education account affect college contribution payments in Illinois?, who can I make my Illinois court ordered payments to?, and can my child sue me for college contribution in Illinois?

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