Guardian Ad Litem Frequently Asked Questions I Illinois Family Law and Guardianship FAQ

  • Who manages the GAL assignments and caseloads?
  • Who evaluates the GAL’s performance (competency, bias, efforts, timeliness, etc.)?
  • What recourse does a party have for an underperforming or inept GAL?

Who Provides Oversight to a Guardian Ad Litem and Who Manages GAL Assignments?

Who Evaluates the GAL’s Performance?

What Recourse Does a Party Have for an Under-performing or Inept GAL?

If a guardian ad litem does not fulfill his or her duties, or if either party believes the GAL is unfit to be involved in the case, a party can file a petition to remove the GAL. Along with filing the petition, the party must include their reasoning for the GAL’s removal. This could include evidence of a bias, conflict of interest, or failure to interview all witnesses as mentioned earlier.



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