Am I Considered An Undocumented Citizen in 2021?

While a lot of immigration practice focuses on people who are inside the USA with valid status or outside of the US being sponsored for entry, a portion of the practice deals with people who may be present in the United States without status. Read the full article here:

These people can be without status because the status expired after they were admitted, or because they entered the country without a visa and without being “inspected or paroled.” While these immigrants are inside the country, they still have certain rights.

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In this video, we will be discussing the following: Who is an undocumented immigrant?, Is the term illegal immigrant or illegal alien found in the federal statute?, What does the word “undocumented” mean?, Can undocumented immigrants become citizens?, Can undocumented immigrants get a green card?, and What can I do to know more? ‍